Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Jessica Alba

Vanessa Hudgens Style

Here's some lovely polyvore sets featuring Vanessa Hudgens, whose style I sometimes love and sometimes think " what was she thinking!"

aerie heart compact
$11 - ae.com

white box

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Valentine's Day

I am single but I love dressing up on Valentine's Day anyways. Who knows? Maybe I'll meet a cute boy.

Here are some looks I put together for Valentine's Day, but you could totally wear them on a date or other occasions.

Oh, and I am true to keeping things affordable and wallet-friendly

This look is inspired by vintage looks, and to me it's fun but fashionable and also great for a date. I love how the polka dots contrast in a fun way with the pops of red.

If you are a true girly girl or just want to be pretty and comfy on a dinner date, here's an outfit for you:

When I think of romance, one of the colors I think of is coral. It's such a feminine and pretty color that works on a variety of skin tones and just gives any girl a soft glow. Here's two ways to rock coral this Valentine's Day:

And yes, for those of us who are snuggle lovers and plan on spending Feb 14th at home, cooking up a nice dinner and then getting cosy for a movie or if you plan on just enjoying some relaxing time with your guy:

Monday, January 25, 2010

Black Jeans: How to wear them every day of the week

Black jeans are a basic item from my closet that I built entire outfits around, knowing that no colors will clash, and it will make me look put together while also giving a casual feel. Black jeans also elongate the legs and creates a slimming effect. Just as classic as blue jeans but great for playing up make-up, accesssories and your favorite pair of shoes!

Mondays are crazy busy for me, so black jeans are great to create an outfit that is comfy yet chic.

I like to explore new trends on at least one day a week, and Tuesdays are perfect for that. Here's a trendy but still classic take on black jeans:

On Wednesdays, I like to take my jeans for a more artsy, boho spin. Relax and cute is what I'm going for and it's perfect for hanging out in the coffee shop after class.

Thursdays, I try to be fierce and finish the end of the week in style :)

Fridays, I've made it ! Time to celebrate the weekend by hanging out with friends and going out.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The hiatus..and I'm back

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for being on hiatus for so long, first a family member had a health scare( that thankfully did not turn out to be anything major). Then it was a long drive back to college. But I'm back!

I want to share this really cool site: rehashclothes.com. It lets you swap clothes with other women across North America and a few other countries! I think it's a great way to be fashionably economically Green :)

For this post, it's all about resort wear or in my life as a poor college student road trip wear. I don't think I will be flying anywhere soon. Unless I win the lottery or something. But I am hoping to go on a road trip with friends and see a few of America's amazing national parks.

I adore the all american casual look, which done right, looks chic and comfy but not sloppy.

And then the luxe road trip outfit:

And if you're lucky enough to be somewhere warm and by the water:

Happy Travels ( or happy daydreaming of future travels)!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year! and for the start of a lovely year..

I have many hopes and wishes for this new year, and many among them such as ending world hunger, isn't something that's probably going to end in one year, but I'll be on freerice.com during study breaks to help end it!

And of course, I really want to make this blog better :)

I hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas, I spent mine with my family and making a snow-woman with long curly eyelashes from leaves with my little sister ( seeing how much I love fashion, it's no surprise I decorated her with a sequined scarf!).

The holidays are a time to celebrate with friends and family and the cute guy in your life if you have one. So, some outfits to keep us all pretty I've decided to create some outfits that EXCLUDE the LBD as seeing how everyone has heard enough of the LBD and probably owns enough of them. I think it's the perfect time to introduce some colour into our lives, along with new hopes and dreams:

Blue, a great colour that gathers attention without being loud. It's also very flattering to a lot of skin tones and hair colours and keeps things bright and chic.

Next, a Little Red Dress that's perfect for office parties in the coming year!

A Little Red Dress is conservative but still chic, and the accessories can really showcase your style.

Another red dress option, this one dressed up with faux fur. I would never wear real fur ( and can't afford it too). This outfit is perfect for a themed party or a nice dinner:

Next, the colorblock dress that has been a big trend this year. It's a safe option to define your waist and create a hourglass figure. While lots of other girls may also be wearing colorblock dresses, you can always play it up with unique jewelry,and a cool clutch for a look all your own:

One of my wishes this coming year is to spend more time with the ones I love and care about. While I've always been very career driven, I think that time forgives no one and what's fun about life if you can't share moments with other? This outfit is inspired by that desire to be more social, and free like a butterfly:

And last of all, I want to share my definition of fashion:

In the coming year, I want to remember that the outfit is not the only thing that makes me or another girl "fashionable" , but rather confidence and a big sincere smile. Sometimes I forget what beauty truly is and gets caught up in the whole must-buy-the-latest-trend or must-lose-weight "fashion requirements". But then I don't find myself happy, so to me, fashion is more than just an outfit, it's about the girl in the outfit.

Happy New Year and may everyone reach their goals, dream big, and never forget to smile and laugh !