Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year! and for the start of a lovely year..

I have many hopes and wishes for this new year, and many among them such as ending world hunger, isn't something that's probably going to end in one year, but I'll be on during study breaks to help end it!

And of course, I really want to make this blog better :)

I hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas, I spent mine with my family and making a snow-woman with long curly eyelashes from leaves with my little sister ( seeing how much I love fashion, it's no surprise I decorated her with a sequined scarf!).

The holidays are a time to celebrate with friends and family and the cute guy in your life if you have one. So, some outfits to keep us all pretty I've decided to create some outfits that EXCLUDE the LBD as seeing how everyone has heard enough of the LBD and probably owns enough of them. I think it's the perfect time to introduce some colour into our lives, along with new hopes and dreams:

Blue, a great colour that gathers attention without being loud. It's also very flattering to a lot of skin tones and hair colours and keeps things bright and chic.

Next, a Little Red Dress that's perfect for office parties in the coming year!

A Little Red Dress is conservative but still chic, and the accessories can really showcase your style.

Another red dress option, this one dressed up with faux fur. I would never wear real fur ( and can't afford it too). This outfit is perfect for a themed party or a nice dinner:

Next, the colorblock dress that has been a big trend this year. It's a safe option to define your waist and create a hourglass figure. While lots of other girls may also be wearing colorblock dresses, you can always play it up with unique jewelry,and a cool clutch for a look all your own:

One of my wishes this coming year is to spend more time with the ones I love and care about. While I've always been very career driven, I think that time forgives no one and what's fun about life if you can't share moments with other? This outfit is inspired by that desire to be more social, and free like a butterfly:

And last of all, I want to share my definition of fashion:

In the coming year, I want to remember that the outfit is not the only thing that makes me or another girl "fashionable" , but rather confidence and a big sincere smile. Sometimes I forget what beauty truly is and gets caught up in the whole must-buy-the-latest-trend or must-lose-weight "fashion requirements". But then I don't find myself happy, so to me, fashion is more than just an outfit, it's about the girl in the outfit.

Happy New Year and may everyone reach their goals, dream big, and never forget to smile and laugh !

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Last Minute but still chic Holiday Gifts

If you are like me, and still have 1 or 2 people left to get gifts for,hopefully this post will help you. And if you're all set, consider this Birthday gift inspiration :

I adore the rainbow lizard and how unique it would be as a gift! Your friend can put it on her tote, a scarf, or pin it on her sweater...The Leopard Ring is to die for, and would put the perfect touch on any outfit. And the flamingo slippers are cute and comfy. I love silly slippers and warm feet :)

The penguin reminds me of the wonderful movie Happy Feet and would make my friends or younger cousins smile.
And the animal notebook is perfect for in class doodling if the Professor gets unbearably boring.

Or just buy some lovely items for your friends:

I love pretty accessories, so why not buy some for your friends ?

Happy holidays everyone and thank you for reading my blog!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

101 Holiday Dresses: Magazine Link of the Month

I recently stumbled upon this great article that has 100 holiday dresses, with half of them very reasonably priced but still a tad higher priced than my usual picks. I am still going to stick to mostly under $50 per item fashion, but this seems like a great article for dress shopping inspiration or for those of us with more money in their budgets:

101 Holiday Dresses

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Celebrity Style Icons

Taylor Swift is a girl in the spotlight! I keep hearing her songs over and over and now they're stuck in my head, but style-wise, Taylor is a definite icon for romantic girly style. Here's one outfit I wold put her in:

And of course, for all us budget babes out there, the more affordable version:

To make this fun, why not feature Rihanna as the next icon? This girl rocks some fierce style with a lot of confidence. While this daring style is not for everyone, any girl who can pull it off is sure to get a lot of attention.

And the "nicer priced" version:

Miley has a sort of tough luxe thing going on, an evolution from her earlier sweet boho chic days.

Next, the affordable version:

Let me know who else I should feature. I hope you liked this post :)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Cuffs: the new obsession and under $50 too :)

I'm obsessed with cuffs. They're like the new statement necklaces, but cost less and can spice up any outfit. Plus, you don't have to worry about whether your earrings match. With Christmas coming up, any of those chic cuffs would make an awesome, unique and inexpenisve gift for friends, cousins or sisters.

First, I love ladylike but modern cuffs that complete any outfit and adds a bit of playful glamour:

Floral motifs are never out for me, and with the winter cold, we could all use some happy spring motifs in our outfits:

Items in this set:
Gold Flower Cuff, 10 GBP
3-D Butterfly Cuff, $5.80
Flower Hinge Cuff, $4

Floral cuffs are perfect to pair with evening dresses, or a cute cardigan. Spray on some floral perfume and spring seems to be right aorund you!

Effortless style and relaxed chic makes boho style a lifestyle statement as well as a fashion one. I'm going crazy over these three cuffs that remind me of Thailand, beaches and free spirited artists. Wear them with an all black outfit for the statement cuff look or wear with a simple dress. For day, they also work well with a simple shirt and jeans.

The last three I've featured are some of the more versatile ones that I can match with pretty much every outfit I own. The faceted studs are really amazing and lets you rock the studs trend but in a softer, less edgy way. I can see myself wearing that cuff to class, to parties, and to family dinners. The black woven knot cuff has a simple understated cool to it, and works with everything.

Friday, December 4, 2009

I'm featured on the Polyvore Blog!

I'm on the polyvore blog!!!

I'm really happy right now :)

And I must say thank you to all of my darling readers and I hope to do more posts soon

Come check it out at :