Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Holiday Fashion (the economic version)

As much as I love gazing at real pearl jewelry and designer frocks, my wallet does not have the superwoman ability to actually purchase all that. So with the holidays coming up, I know I will be attending a mix of holiday parties, internship/networking events, and the odd Christmas birthday celebrations. I want to look put together and creative but also without touching my tuition savings.

So here's my ideas for lovely Holiday outfits with items under $50. (With the high unemployment rate, shopping for more expensive items makes me feel guilty anyways). I have resolved to donate money saved from NOT buying anything more than $50 everytime someone comments on my outfits for the month of December.

One dress, two looks. The best way to recycle one dress for two events this holiday season.

For a fun night out with friends, I hope to rock a sequined vest. I'm been loving sequined vests for ages, and here's two looks I put together with one vest in two colors:

Items in this set:
TopShop t shirt, 16 GBP
TopShop t shirt, 16 GBP
Miss Selfridge vest, 20 GBP
Miss Selfridge vest, 20 GBP
Miss Selfridge skirt, 30 GBP

I love vintage inspired fashion, so this look is something I would wear to a fancy holiday party.

The color purple is one of my favourites if I want to stand out in a casual party. Purple is elegance and sexy mystery. Here's an outfit that rocks purple.

I describe my style as classic romantic with a boho flair. While I adore sweet girly looks, sometimes adding an edge takes an outfit into another level:

And yes, for the classic romantic in me, I prescribe this outfit(and also to please my rather conservative grandparents):

Now, onto different style ideas:

With all this New Moon hype, I'm in the mood for some Gothic Romance (and great to wear to a vampire/gothic themed party):

Neutrals can totally be played up for the holidays, and give off an effortlessly chic vibe:

This outfit would be perfect for a concert date, a movie night, or just hearing your bf's band perform on campus:

I promise, more holiday outfits with different styles is coming soon!

Monday, November 16, 2009

About Me

I finally decided to post photos of myself! I am not photogenic at all, so sorry if I disappoint any readers.

This was taken by my best friend who also made this real daisy chain wreath by herself.

And here's a photo of me dressed for a friend's fashion event:

A bit about myself:
I'm 19, a college student. I'm lived in a lot of cities in Asia and Canada and now the United States. I have an adorable younger sister who I give make-overs to evry weekend and practice my French braiding skills on.

I love pandas(giant pandas and red pandas) as proven by this photo I took on my travels in China:

I decided to start blogging just to keep track of style inspirations, my own style evolution, and to share stuff that has helped me develop my own style.

Thank you for all the support and lovely comments, and well, just ask if you want to know more about me.

Monday, November 9, 2009

How to look cool on a budget

If you are a student like me, then well, you probably have a budget to stick to when it comes to shopping. I've always admired the girls who could look cool without breaking the bank. Vintage stores or clothing swaps is an equally great way to look fab for less. In this post, I want to share budget friendly outfits that consist of items form H&M and Forever21. I love both stores for providing trendy yet versatile fashion that is great for college AND also nice to your wallet. Happy shopping on a student budget!

Asian style: street style

Having lived in Asia for about roughly half of my life, I've been inspired and influenced by Asian fashion. If I had to pick one important lesson I've learned from Asian women, it has to be the art of layering. Many of my Japanese, and Korean friends have this amazing ability to layer all prints and colors and look effortlessly fablous. Here's some street style photos I found:

I love the way she pairs the scarf with an oversize tshirt over a skirt and then adds the jacket.
The next photo really shows the way my Asian friends used to dress in high school, using layering to look comfy and chic.

And now that we've all grown up (at least a good bit) since high school, we try to look professional chic for internships and part-time jobs, so here's some different inspiration:

and who doesn't love a nice bright jacket?

And finally, I have to say I adore styles and fashions from all over the world and this post most certainly is NOT to say Asian style is better but rather to summarize the style lessons I have learned while living in Asia. :) If anyone would like to share their views on different style/trends due to geographical locations(like what is in right now in your country?) please do so in the comments. I'll love to know!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

More outfit ideas with under $50 items

If you are spending with a tight budget like me (my college tuition costs too much to even think about), you might like the following outfits with very nice prices and perfect for fall.

I would wear this outfit to the park, to classes or maybe on a casual date.

This next outfit is party style. I'm in college right now, and I want to look cool at parties without breaking the bank.

Another party outfit:

Sometimes I wake up, and it's awful looking outside, and my life just needs color to make everything brighter, so I would wear this:

For days that I feel more into simple, edgy style:

And for the girly, loves comfy side of me:

Last, my romantic side dreams of this: