Saturday, October 24, 2009

Class outfit: what I wear to class

This post is all about me trying to use under $50 items to create perfect outfits for class.

Friday, October 2, 2009

My colours: Black and ..

In my previous post, I described my love for black. Here's more on how I would wear black:

1. Introduction to black

2. Examples of black outfits

Black with gold: timeless chic


done casual:

Black with silver and red: Hot and elegant

Example 2: Black and Red done casual

Black and white: the classic combo

Black with brights: Fun and attention drawing

My colours

I'm decided to share my colour palette with everyone. First,introducing my neutrals: BLACK and GREY.

Black is a very versatile colour that any girl can play up with bright jewel tones or keep it low key with cream, white and subtle metallics. Black can come across as elegant, calm, mysterious, casual and figure flattering. It also serves as an excellent base to complement any bright coloured accessories(think scarves,shoes, rings, statement necklaces, handbags). One of the reasons I personally am in love with black is that it complements my make-up that focuses on my berry lipstick, but also leaves a lot of freedom to experiment with my accent colour pieces, whether that is gold studded jackets or a bright ethnic print scarf. Wearing black is also a good choice if you want to play up a certain belt or piece of jewellery.

Grey is a great alternative to black. It projects subtle chic, and can easily be paired with other colours to create many fashionable outfits. For me, I find that darker shades of grey work well with my dark hair and naturally berry coloured lips.
I believe that any girl can wear grey, but different skin tones and colour preferences means that maybe a bit of experimentation is in order to find the perfect shade for you. Grey is always "in" and can be used to dress up formally or go for a casual look with denim.

Here are some pictures that show how I wear my neutrals:

For a more soft and elegant look: