Sunday, June 21, 2009

Party Like a Lady

Untitled by happiberry25 featuring Forever21 accessories

Every girl loves a crazy night out with the girlfriends, and yes, noone is encouraging anyone to dress like a nun, but revealing stuff needs to be worn the right way so you don't come off like a one night stand but more like a lady who deserves some serious wooing. Okay, so I admit I am a die-hard romantic, and to me, sexy means mysterious elegance.

Work Chic with the help of Polyvore

Perfect Outfits for those wishing to achieve chic elegance at work and display the best of style in a completely professional manner (i.e. think classy sexy not revealing sexy). Some of my favs that I would totally wear to work:

This set is made up of neutral colors that attract the eye with its soft and elegant palette and feminine contrasting textures.

Untitled by happiberry25 featuring Nine West shoes

This second set is catered to fun city nights or a dinner date after work. Perfect night chic that incorporates a LBD that is excellent for work but also works wonders in any bar or fancy restaurant.

New York Nights
New York Nights by happiberry25 featuring Diane von Furstenberg dresses

For those who love trendy office wear that goes beyond slacks and blouses, here's an outfit that features great colors, comfy wear, and awesome textures. Also suited to many body shapes and skin tones!

div>Hong Kong Fusion
Hong Kong Fusion by happiberry25 featuring Marc Jacobs bags

Last of all, to all the ladies out there: I hope you have fun dressing for work, whether that means adding a special scarf or wearing your fav colorful belt with your dark toned work outfit. Remember that real office chic adds confidence to your "look" but doesn't take away from your professionalism. When in doubt about how much skin to reveal, esp. as the weather gets warmer, taking a photo of yourself and then ask "what would I think if my employee came in like that? If it passes your test, then chances are you are fine!

Enjoy the warmer weather and more work chic outfits sure to impress (and mayhaps entice in don't-you-want-to-know-whats-under-here way)!

I am in love with Polyvore as everyone can tell, it allows some of those fashion fantasies in my head to come to life!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Untitled by happiberry25 featuring Gucci sunglasses

Weekend Outfit perfect for the park or a nice day outside.
Dream Softly
Dream Softly by happiberry25 on

Message for today: Follow your Dreams!
Flower Fantasy
My First Polyvore Set that's on here! :) This is my mood today.
Flower Fantasy by happiberry25 on
This is my first blog! Hopefully there will be images of my polyvore sets coming soon( once I figure out how to get them here) and many more comments on fashion, college, and just the beauty that's in this world. Please join for the journey, with open hearts :)