Saturday, October 24, 2009

Class outfit: what I wear to class

This post is all about me trying to use under $50 items to create perfect outfits for class.


  1. I love all of these outfits! The Friday look is my favorite. The boots and leggings are fab!

    You have a really great blog. You do an amazing job at putting outfits together. All of your Polyvore sets are fantastic! Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi StardustandBerries!

    Thank you for commenting on 'LillysGarden'! I love polyvore and was happy to find out that we seem to have a similar taste of fashion: the sets are woderful! And the idea to post an outfit for each day^^. I like Monday best!

    I am okay with giving each other feedback and becoming friends! Which part of the world are you currently in? Are you planning on posting your own outfits, too? Lovely greetings from LillysGarden,
    Lilly :D

  3. that first outfit is right up my ally! I have been swooning over that purse-in black-for a while now. sooo good.

    as for advice for new blogging, I was once told to comment-comment-comment! which I'm up and down with, sometimes I don't comment but look at someone's blog often. another thing is to be consistent, don't go too long without posting. you'll loose readers that way. suppose those are the two most important things, other than those you seem to have a good thing going here!

    keep it up :)

    jess s///

  4. Thnak you all for your comments :)
    I needed the encouragement.
    Hopefully this blog will get better with time.