Tuesday, November 3, 2009

More outfit ideas with under $50 items

If you are spending with a tight budget like me (my college tuition costs too much to even think about), you might like the following outfits with very nice prices and perfect for fall.

I would wear this outfit to the park, to classes or maybe on a casual date.

This next outfit is party style. I'm in college right now, and I want to look cool at parties without breaking the bank.

Another party outfit:

Sometimes I wake up, and it's awful looking outside, and my life just needs color to make everything brighter, so I would wear this:

For days that I feel more into simple, edgy style:

And for the girly, loves comfy side of me:

Last, my romantic side dreams of this:


  1. Hi Rosy!

    I like the new post^^, especially the romantic look and the bracelet in the first one! Thanks for linking me here.
    I think the challenging aspect of having face paints is that you easily wipe thoughtlessly over your face and the whole art is destroyed for good.

    Actually I have never been to the States before, so I am a little envious that you can shop at NY! I do not know much about Canada: Maple sirup, Avril Lavigne, Karibu and colorful forests in autumn? I have to apologize, maybe you can describe what it feels like to live in Canada?
    Taking photos of your own outfit is a hard job, I started off with an old camera and bought a new one after several months. Ask your friends, family and neighbours to take your picture! Say 'I want to show my mum/sister...what I bought' and you do not have to explain 'fashion blogging' at an instance. Would that be a suggestion?
    I am a student (third year) at University and currently living in Northern Germany (Europe)!
    Kind greetings from LillysGarden,

    Lilly :)

  2. Love the looks you created! The first one is definitely my favorite. The dress is very pretty and would love amazing with those boots.