Sunday, December 20, 2009

Last Minute but still chic Holiday Gifts

If you are like me, and still have 1 or 2 people left to get gifts for,hopefully this post will help you. And if you're all set, consider this Birthday gift inspiration :

I adore the rainbow lizard and how unique it would be as a gift! Your friend can put it on her tote, a scarf, or pin it on her sweater...The Leopard Ring is to die for, and would put the perfect touch on any outfit. And the flamingo slippers are cute and comfy. I love silly slippers and warm feet :)

The penguin reminds me of the wonderful movie Happy Feet and would make my friends or younger cousins smile.
And the animal notebook is perfect for in class doodling if the Professor gets unbearably boring.

Or just buy some lovely items for your friends:

I love pretty accessories, so why not buy some for your friends ?

Happy holidays everyone and thank you for reading my blog!!!


  1. Hi Rosy,

    those ideas are very cute^^. I adore the rainbow lizard and the bird-on-branch-necklace!

  2. the lizard is incredible! Thanks so much for your lovely comment :) I'd love you too!

  3. Great accessories! I'm especially loving that leopard ring. So amazing!

  4. great picks sweetie!love the vintage bracelets!sure,it's ok:)link me!
    thanks for stopping by!

  5. Hey Rosy! Loving the leopard and JS pink rings!! Thanks for your feedback on my blog and yes of course you can add me as a fave!Thanks again :)

  6. i hate lizards but that one is so gorgeous! these are really great ideas!


  7. Hey Rosystardust Dreams!

    I'm so flattered by your comments. Not to mention it's hilarious but I'm also Asian Canadian woohoo!...but currently live in California (no more snowmen)...

    Yes, of course you can link my blog. I will, of course, return the favor by linking you back ;)


  8. oh my gosh i loveee animal accessories! - great picks =)

  9. What great gift ideas! I just love that nightingale necklace - stunning!

  10. I love the flamingo slippers! They are so cute! I think I'll add them to my wishlist :)

    Thanks for checking out my blog! :)


  11. Totally love those ideas! Might have to use them for any upcoming birthdays seeing as I've aleady managed to get everyones christmas presents :)