Friday, December 11, 2009

Cuffs: the new obsession and under $50 too :)

I'm obsessed with cuffs. They're like the new statement necklaces, but cost less and can spice up any outfit. Plus, you don't have to worry about whether your earrings match. With Christmas coming up, any of those chic cuffs would make an awesome, unique and inexpenisve gift for friends, cousins or sisters.

First, I love ladylike but modern cuffs that complete any outfit and adds a bit of playful glamour:

Floral motifs are never out for me, and with the winter cold, we could all use some happy spring motifs in our outfits:

Items in this set:
Gold Flower Cuff, 10 GBP
3-D Butterfly Cuff, $5.80
Flower Hinge Cuff, $4

Floral cuffs are perfect to pair with evening dresses, or a cute cardigan. Spray on some floral perfume and spring seems to be right aorund you!

Effortless style and relaxed chic makes boho style a lifestyle statement as well as a fashion one. I'm going crazy over these three cuffs that remind me of Thailand, beaches and free spirited artists. Wear them with an all black outfit for the statement cuff look or wear with a simple dress. For day, they also work well with a simple shirt and jeans.

The last three I've featured are some of the more versatile ones that I can match with pretty much every outfit I own. The faceted studs are really amazing and lets you rock the studs trend but in a softer, less edgy way. I can see myself wearing that cuff to class, to parties, and to family dinners. The black woven knot cuff has a simple understated cool to it, and works with everything.


  1. Hi Rosy,

    I totally adore those flower cuffs! Can't wait to see them in the shops? If you are still in Toronto, I wonder what temperatures you are facing at this time of the year? Here we are only close to 0° on the Celsius-scale (this is the point where water turns into ice).

  2. Ooh, I love all of these cuffs! Great picks!

  3. this is the post you mean right? must have taken you a while! I love all of this! I would totally want to own every single thing! so beautiful...

    and of course you can put my link in your blog roll...I shall link you back in mine :)

  4. i'm in love with that first black cuff with the pearls!
    Lily @

  5. Wow..those prices are hard to compete with, especially since I have to spend hours and hours on one of the bead embroidered ones. Child labour offshore comes to mind...