Monday, November 9, 2009

How to look cool on a budget

If you are a student like me, then well, you probably have a budget to stick to when it comes to shopping. I've always admired the girls who could look cool without breaking the bank. Vintage stores or clothing swaps is an equally great way to look fab for less. In this post, I want to share budget friendly outfits that consist of items form H&M and Forever21. I love both stores for providing trendy yet versatile fashion that is great for college AND also nice to your wallet. Happy shopping on a student budget!


  1. Great picks! Everything looks fabulous! Especially loving your H&M wish list!

  2. Hi Rosy!
    Your sets are gorgeous as always! I wish I could shop on Forever21, they have no stores in Germany! You are lucky to be able to French braid...I should ask my sister if she can do it^^. I love the set with the owl ring and the one with the red manteau/white boots!
    Lovely greetings,
    Lilly :D