Monday, November 9, 2009

Asian style: street style

Having lived in Asia for about roughly half of my life, I've been inspired and influenced by Asian fashion. If I had to pick one important lesson I've learned from Asian women, it has to be the art of layering. Many of my Japanese, and Korean friends have this amazing ability to layer all prints and colors and look effortlessly fablous. Here's some street style photos I found:

I love the way she pairs the scarf with an oversize tshirt over a skirt and then adds the jacket.
The next photo really shows the way my Asian friends used to dress in high school, using layering to look comfy and chic.

And now that we've all grown up (at least a good bit) since high school, we try to look professional chic for internships and part-time jobs, so here's some different inspiration:

and who doesn't love a nice bright jacket?

And finally, I have to say I adore styles and fashions from all over the world and this post most certainly is NOT to say Asian style is better but rather to summarize the style lessons I have learned while living in Asia. :) If anyone would like to share their views on different style/trends due to geographical locations(like what is in right now in your country?) please do so in the comments. I'll love to know!


  1. Love these looks! The bright jacket looks fabulous!

  2. Love it! I'm a big fan of layering for various reasons, and you can get so much inspiration from Asian fashion!

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