Monday, November 16, 2009

About Me

I finally decided to post photos of myself! I am not photogenic at all, so sorry if I disappoint any readers.

This was taken by my best friend who also made this real daisy chain wreath by herself.

And here's a photo of me dressed for a friend's fashion event:

A bit about myself:
I'm 19, a college student. I'm lived in a lot of cities in Asia and Canada and now the United States. I have an adorable younger sister who I give make-overs to evry weekend and practice my French braiding skills on.

I love pandas(giant pandas and red pandas) as proven by this photo I took on my travels in China:

I decided to start blogging just to keep track of style inspirations, my own style evolution, and to share stuff that has helped me develop my own style.

Thank you for all the support and lovely comments, and well, just ask if you want to know more about me.


  1. That's such a cute photo! And you are photogenic! You look very pretty from what I can see :)

  2. Love the photos! Very pretty!

    And that is so cute that you give your little sister makeovers and French braid her hair! :)

  3. Hi Rosy,

    I totally share your love for cool sunglasses! They just contribute to every outfit!
    I like your pictures! (Cool to have them all coloured in an exhibition^^-who did came up with that idea?). Pandas are veery cute. I love hmm...sea animals, and everything with cozy fur and diverse coloured...I guess a lot of them!
    Hope to see more personal fashion posts in future^^
    Love, Lilly

  4. oh you look wonderful! Don't be so hard on yourself! I just discovered your blog through IFB and I love the outfit choices you've made, they fit beautifully. Stay lovely!

    Julia Luckett

  5. Oh girl, you're so cute!

    Peace and love!

  6. You look beautiful in all these photos! And the last one is SO CUTE... is that a special effects photo frame you inserted the panda into, or a really awesome old book?
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog, I really appreciated your comments!
    the renegade bean