Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Holiday Fashion (the economic version)

As much as I love gazing at real pearl jewelry and designer frocks, my wallet does not have the superwoman ability to actually purchase all that. So with the holidays coming up, I know I will be attending a mix of holiday parties, internship/networking events, and the odd Christmas birthday celebrations. I want to look put together and creative but also without touching my tuition savings.

So here's my ideas for lovely Holiday outfits with items under $50. (With the high unemployment rate, shopping for more expensive items makes me feel guilty anyways). I have resolved to donate money saved from NOT buying anything more than $50 everytime someone comments on my outfits for the month of December.

One dress, two looks. The best way to recycle one dress for two events this holiday season.

For a fun night out with friends, I hope to rock a sequined vest. I'm been loving sequined vests for ages, and here's two looks I put together with one vest in two colors:

Items in this set:
TopShop t shirt, 16 GBP
TopShop t shirt, 16 GBP
Miss Selfridge vest, 20 GBP
Miss Selfridge vest, 20 GBP
Miss Selfridge skirt, 30 GBP

I love vintage inspired fashion, so this look is something I would wear to a fancy holiday party.

The color purple is one of my favourites if I want to stand out in a casual party. Purple is elegance and sexy mystery. Here's an outfit that rocks purple.

I describe my style as classic romantic with a boho flair. While I adore sweet girly looks, sometimes adding an edge takes an outfit into another level:

And yes, for the classic romantic in me, I prescribe this outfit(and also to please my rather conservative grandparents):

Now, onto different style ideas:

With all this New Moon hype, I'm in the mood for some Gothic Romance (and great to wear to a vampire/gothic themed party):

Neutrals can totally be played up for the holidays, and give off an effortlessly chic vibe:

This outfit would be perfect for a concert date, a movie night, or just hearing your bf's band perform on campus:

I promise, more holiday outfits with different styles is coming soon!


  1. You put together some fabulous outfits! I love that everything is so affordable! My favorite pieces are definitely those two sequin vests. So fabulous!

  2. Hi Rosy,

    you have a good sense of style! I love the combinations of black-pink-white-gold^^. That Twilight hype really got to me, too: yesterday I thought about buying a shirt with a wolf print on it (never fancy that before). I heart all those fabulous shoes in this post!

  3. i really like the f21 dress with the tiers, so lovely! gotta make a f21 run soon!

    jess s//

  4. I love all of these, especially the white Christopher Kane dress. It is amazing, especially with the white tape lace detailing at the waist.
    the renegade bean

  5. i LOVE your outfit inspiration! this is so helpful for me, i have a holiday party to attend next week and i haven't come up with an outfit yet! thank you!! :)